Double Asian focus: MakeUp in Seoul & Shanghai 2019!

To introduce the second edition of MakeUp in Shanghai and the sixth of MakeUp in Seoul, we have decided to shake up the usual way of doing things. Indeed we’re introducing the MakeUp in Shows’ Local Color Tour as a 3 days visit circuit between MakeUp in Shanghai and MakeUp in Seoul. Why so? Here’s what we’ll discuss here!

Both shows were originally developed to respond to an increasing interest from brands about the Asian make-up providers. Today both markets are still increasing, at different rates but still growing. Indeed, Mintel puts China and Korea at the third and fifth rank in the ranking of the most important markets for make-up. China has a forecasted make-up sales amount of 5.1 billion dollars and Korea’s forecast is of 2.2 billion. The global growth of the make-up market is expected to be of 6% in comparison with last year according to Mintel.

Both those markets continue to be increasingly attractive, this can be shown by the massive investments made in K-beauty companies by European companies as L’Oreal or L’Occitane en Provence. Those markets are also super attractive because of the increasingly qualitative innovations produced by those markets and also due to the high-end brands that were created in Asia, for example Marie Dalgar.

In response to all those changes and attractiveness, MakeUp in has decided to offer the unique opportunity to visit two very different yet close markets in less than a week!
In between those two shows, don’t you ever worry, we have it all figured out and have organised for you a fantastic tour including visits of landmarks in terms of architecture, design, malls in Shanghai and in Seoul, restaurants and hotel nights, the dream!

This idea of Local Color Tour has been inspired both by our very exhibitors and by the market’s aspects and localisations. You’ll find later what our exhibitors thought of both Seoul and Shanghai’s shows and understand how profitable a “tour” would be for both the exhibitors and the visitors!

About MakeUp in Seoul:

“The show was definitely a success and the organization impeccable! We had many productive meetings with quality contacts and found that our latest collections were met with enthusiasm.
Make up in Seoul has become a must in our international events calendar. See you next year!”

Our impression is same as the statistics show, this year’s show has been more international than previous ones, driven by the continuously strong interest in K-Beauty and we were satisfied with the number and quality of the meetings.
We had 65 customer meetings during the 2 days, an increase from previous year.

I got very positive feedback from the exhibitors concerning the quality of the visitors (L’Oréal, Carslan, Jahla, Gemcore…)!
To me, there was a good and easy contact between all participants, and I got positive opportunities. All organizational aspects, and information was really clear.

I did not realize that there was so many foreigners. The world is still looking very carefully to Korea for sure.
It will be important in future to emphasize intensively the international aspect of the Makeup in Seoul versus many other local fairs, in Seoul, where limited translation and English information’s are given. This is one of the strong point of MUP in Seoul. It is an easy to visit, easy to get information, easy to meet place !!!
The innovation zone should be improved and more highlighted. A lot of visitors want to see in an easy way where / what is innovative from the show. In my opinion the tree (which I love) should be modified in a more convenient show case

This was an amazing show with an international audience and a perfect venue. The Conrad was a perfect location and the quality of execution of the show was outstanding.

About MakeUp in Shanghai:

Great atmosphere, real professional of the industry, senior, and asking relevant questions. Also, the location was magnificent and very central.

The show was well organized and all big Chinese Companies were there.
Level of conferences was high and interesting.
More than 50 contacts in 2 days, decision maker.

It was an interesting show for us.
It was the opportunity to meet some of our Chinese customers and to meet new contacts, in order to introduce our new products developed for this market.
The place was really nice and luminous.
It was pleasant as an exhibitor and as a visitor too.
We have met 20 contacts in two days.


The event was very qualitative, we met a lot of Marketing Directors of Chinese and worldwide brands.
It was a great opportunity to present our French know-how and our innovative formulas. We met 25 new prospects in 2 days.
Our CEO represented our company during the “Natural trends” conference. The conference program was relevant, interesting and much appreciated by visitors.
Great event organization managed by the Makeup in team.