Applicators: when technology serves the precision of gesture!

Next February 7th at noon and the following day, on February 8th, at 1:30 pm, you will get to know (almost) everything about three types of applicators for currently the most popular makeup products… Mascara brushes, of course, but also applicators for tubes and airless systems and the unavoidable brushes. Because it seems useless to offer the most high tech formulas in practical and efficient packs if they cannot be applied properly! Everything is in the precision of the gesture! Technology is everywhere! Register online now if you do not want to miss these sessions animated by Gérald Martines, founder of IN•SIGNES!

All those who closely considered the subject will have not failed to notice that a cosmetic product is based on the close interaction of three elements: the formula, the applicator and the packaging. Each of these three elements triggers complementary functions that interact to guaranty the targeted result:
– The formula is of course the element of the mix which comes to mind first, since its purpose is to produce the sought for effect, whether aesthetic (makeup) or functional (skincare), or even and more and more often a combination of the two. The entire value chain of formulators – be they integrated to a brand or to a full service specialist – is working to develop this area and is investing a lot into it, in terms of R&D and innovation.
– As for packaging, its primary role is to contain and protect the formula, and to visually highlight the values of the brand. In this case, it is the value chain of packaging manufacturers that works hard to provide brands with ever more performing and attractive packagings.
– Finally, the applicator is in charge the trickiest task: dose the formula, deposit and spread it optimally, and boost the actives it contains!

Makeup and Skincare: the applicator is more than ever the “key”!

It cannot be denied that the applicator, which did not in the past always garner the attention it deserved, is now the subject of thorough R&D and innovation work from many players in the industry. And this, quite rightly. People have indeed realized that, concerning skincare for example, the way of applying a formula could significantly amplify its effect (or conversely reduce it if this aspect was not sufficiently taken into account). In the area of makeup also the applicator has gained in importance under the impulsion of the “Selfie Generation” and its expectations for precision, efficiency and comfort. Young women in this age group, big consumers of makeup products, have reach high levels of expertise thanks to online tutorials and exchanges on social networks, but they also lack time in their daily lives and expect professional results with minimum efforts. They are therefore very demanding regarding the performance of the products they choose among the over abundant offer on the marketplace, and the performance level will have much to do with the applicator used.
Moreover, the blurring lines between makeup and skincare only reinforce the role of applicators and the expectations of users concerning them.
This increased attention for applicators also encourages formulators and packaging manufacturers to cooperate more closely, because the applicator is at the border between the pack and the formula and its design is at the crossroads of both expertises. Hence, the supply chain is slowly opening up with more and more collaborations emerging and involving influencers, makeup artists, formulators and manufacturers of packs and applicators, to the delight of brands and users alike.

The program:

February 7th – 12:00 pm / 12:30 pm : “The Cosmetic Applicators”
Conference by: Gérald Martines, IN•SIGNES
– Target applications (eyes, face, lips…)
– Galenic forms of cosmetic formulae
– Basic applicator technologies: brushes, spatulas, flocked tips, balls…
– Combinations: which applicator for which formula for which application

February 8th – 1:30 pm / 3:00 pm: “The Cosmetic applicators” – a Must in makeup today and in the future
Workshop moderated by Gérald Martines, IN•SIGNES.
With participation of Albéa (Avit Ghibaudo, Sales Director, North America), Brivaplast (Christine Dupuy), Cosmogen (Lynda Pare, North America Market Director), FS Korea (Patrick Ng, Vice President – Operation & Business Development), Geka (Arnaud Brilland, Vice President of Sales Americas), Pennelli Faro (Mariangela Porpora, Marketing Manager), Taiki (Jan Wilson, VP Sales, Development), Wormser.
After a quick introduction by Gérald Martines of basic parameters for each technology, round tables by type of applicators, with representative of specialized packaging suppliers:
– Mascara brushes
– Tube and airless applicators
– Makeup brushes
– What are the most important parameters for each technology?
– What are the growth drivers influencing the category?
– What are the most notable innovations in the field?
Followed by Q&A with the audience.