Emerge into the beauty trends, shaping the future of the makeup industry

The beauty industry is undertaking major shifts, revolutionized by technology and the arrival of the Millennials (people born in the 1980s and 1990s), a savvy generation when it comes to the use of makeup. During the first day of the MakeUp in Los Angeles Event, on February 8, 2017 at the Quixote Studio, leading Trend Specialists, Experts and Brand representatives will provide insights of the major Beauty Trends shaping the future of our industry. With a special focus on the West Coast influences, considered as the innovation hub of beauty, this first day will be dedicated to the new influences that are disrupting our industry.

Leila Rochet-Podvin

“The Beauty sphere is currently in a state of upheaval,” explains Leïla Rochet-Podvin Founder of Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation who is in charge of the first day of the event with the help of Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Founder of Beautyworld Connexions. “In a context of accelerating technologies and social networks. Beauty is more daring, more hedonistic, a sign of our ever more connected society that now uses images to communicate. Selfies, Snapchat or Instagram posts – in this new era dominated by influencers, consumers are totally “hooked” to their smartphones, and modifying the beauty landscape,” explains Leïla Rochet-Podvin who will moderate this first day. “With the MakeUp in team, we decided to dedicate this first day on the new influences that shape our industry, more specifically those coming from the West Coast – #1 Retail, #2 Digital, #2 Millennials and #4 the “Healthy Trend”.

Leïla can be considered as real international Beauty expert. She has a MBA from Cornell University (USA) and headed various international positions in International Marketing and Development at Procter & Gamble and LVMH where she developed award winning product innovations. She founded Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation in 2007, a Trends and Consulting Office specialized in Beauty Innovation based in Paris, and works with international beauty companies around the world. Leïla is a “beauty trotter” and has a passion for world cultural influences, changes in consumers’ lifestyle, innovations and their influences on beauty.

Anastasia Soare

Influence #1: “The New Face of Retail”

From physical retail to e-retail, from traditional stores to lifestyle concept stores, from direct sales to social selling strategy, new retail models dynamize the consumer experience and their interactions with brands. A topic, which will be discussed in a roundtable with Anastasia Soare – Founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Sinead Norenius-Raniere Partner at The Pienza Collective and Board Member of the Bay Area Beauty Association, and Jennifer Ritter – JSR Consulting.

Influence #2: “Beauty at the Digital Age and the Rise of Social Media”

The digital influence, which is irrigating the beauty sphere from its Californian epicenter, is becoming a key topic of our industry. Digital has transformed the beauty market, the way consumers get informed and interact with brands. According to TrendAnalytics, 82% of women feel that social media has impacted the definition of beauty. This roundtable will gather specialists who will explain how the digital age is changing fundamentally our industry and what is the influence of social media and their impact on the future. The session will start with two conferences from the leading experts in this field.

Mary Healy

Mary Healy – YouTube Brand Partner Program will present “YouTube, The Recipe for Success & For Inspiration”. She will take us through a better understanding of the YouTube ecosystem and what value each party finds from the platform (brands/creators/advertisers). She will focus on the winning recipes for brands, for collaborating successfully with creators and building destinations channels. She will also explore the way YouTube can become the world’s biggest research tool.

Mary Healy is the global lead of the YouTube Brand Partner Program, an initiative designed to empower top brands to become better content creators. Prior to this role she helped manage the US media relationship between Google and Samsung as well as other top technology brands like Dell, Panasonic, Nikon and LG. Over her eight years at Google/YouTube she empowered brands of all sizes to leverage Google technologies and media solutions to grow their businesses.

Conor Begley

Conor Begley – Co-founder of Tribe Dynamics will then present “The Impact Of Brands In Social Media – Who Wins And What Are The Success Factors”. Tribe Dynamics is a start-up company founded in 2012 that created an advanced marketing technology that allows brands to analyze the media value earned via their social media platforms. Conor will focus on better understanding digital trends within the beauty and fashion industries, the key learnings and the success factors. Conor and co-founder Jon Namnath started Tribe Dynamics in April 2012, after Conor discovered the power and potential of influencer marketing while working in Australia. With extensive experience in search marketing, reputation management and CRM systems, Conor and Jon decided that influencer marketers needed their own analytical systems and enterprise-class technology. What began as an intuitive theory shared by two long-time friends, the Silicon Valley based startup in just over two years has become a leading authority in technical marketing and social analytics within the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries. Under Conor’s direction, Tribe has developed close relationships with some of the beauty industry’s top brands, private equity partners and publications, including NPD, WWD/Beauty Inc. and The CEW’s Beauty Insider, who features the startup’s analytics and expertise on an ongoing basis.

This session will be followed by a roundtable on “Beauty At the Digital Age”, where will be discussed the following topic: “What Has Changed & The Impact on Innovations?” with Samantha Cutler – Chief Product Development Officer at Stila, Kate Helfrich – Vice President Product Development Hourglass, Ingrid Jackel – CEO of Yes to Inc, and Joyce Kim – Vice President Product Development NYX.

Influence #3: “The Next Generation And The Impact For Our Industry”

Millennials, the largest generation in the USA, are reshaping the economy, the beauty industry and are particularly dynamizing the Makeup industry. With specific values, relation with femininity and specific shopping experiences, these savvy consumers that are digital natives but also beauty natives who are likely to be tempted to brands that master their way of thinking.

Pierre Bisseuil

The session will start by a conference by Pierre Bisseuil – Research Director, Research & Future Insight Department at PeclersParis, a leading international consulting agency in trends, style and innovation. From self-addiction to environmental commitment…, what are the key values bore by Millennials and generation Z, that will shape the future of femininity? Pierre Bisseuil will decipher the most relevant emerging trends that will impact the beauty and makeup industry. While on her side, Leïla Rochet-Podvin from Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation will focus on emerging brands/concepts.

With a Master of Science in Communications from Boston University and three graduate degrees from the University of PARIS II (majors: Private Law, Science of Communication, Political Science), Pierre Bisseuil started his career in 1992 at the Advertising group BDDP in New York as a Strategic Planner. After two years in Paris at the Ad agency DDB NEEDHAM, Pierre Bisseuil began working as an in-house trend researcher for the perfume industry. He worked for H&R/Florasynth/Créations Aromatiques (5 years), IFF (2 years) and Givaudan (6 years). Pierre Bisseuil was in charge of several major clients such as L’Oréal, LVHM, P&G, Unilever, Shiseido, Yves Rocher, Hermès, Coty, Interparfums…

As a Research Director for the Research & Future Insight Department since 2012, Pierre Bisseuil investigates and writes prospective macro socio cultural trends, with a focus on the Futur(s) and Beauty trend books. Specialized in the beauty industry, he is, as an expert, engaged in a great number of consulting missions for PeclersParis, interviews, conferences, and trade fairs….

The conference will be followed by a roundtable on Millennials with the exceptional presence of Jill Tomandl – VP Product Development & Innovation at Estée Lauder Companies – Smashbox. A roundtable on the influence of Millennials with the participation of the young generation team from the GenNext – ELC Group, coming from Clinique (Karina Spritz), GlamGlow (Noelle Kot), Flirt (Vanessa Munoz) and Smashbox (Kia Ragland).

Influence #4: “Heathy Is The New Young”

The rise of health conscious consumers and the quest for safety, ethical, and “non-toxic” beauty is moving from skincare to makeup. New “healthy” indie makeup brands have emerged recently; with strong lifestyle positioning, ethical thinking at the core of their mission statement, and audacious colors. California brands are leading the way in this trend and this session will be a unique opportunity to learn more about their success paths and their credo.

Jennifer Ritter

Moderated by Leïla Rochet and Jennifer Ritter the roundtable will focus on the following topic:”How the healthy lifestyle is influencing the beauty industry and What’s Next?”with some of rising makeup indie brands from LA: Katherine & Caroline Romos – Co-Founders of Rituel de Fille, Lynda Berkowitz – CEO of Ilia Beauty, Sheena Yaitanes – Founder of Kosas Cosmetics.