Ideas and innovation galore at the next MakeUp in LosAngeles!

Out of the 70 products submitted this year at the Innovation Tree Products Competition, 30 were expertly picked by the Jury members! You will be able to admire, touch and even test them directly in a few days on the stands of the lucky winners. But that’s not all! Students from the Chic STUDIO Makeup School will also assess these products at the stands of each exhibitor concerned to eventually single out their three “favorites”. And it’s the MakeUp Artist, Michele Burke who will take part, during an animation, to the presentation of the Awards to the three selected laureates…
You will find bellow a preview of these 30 winners and of their award winning products!


Water-Lock Pearly Bronzer – ART COSMETICS – Booth 315
A summer dream coming true: A natural glowing bronzing color in a super fresh water blast.

Water-Lock Foundation – ART COSMETICS – Booth 315
A fresh color explosion trapped in an airtight pot. A burst of water that melts under the finger tips forming a thin veil of uniform foundation.

Jelly Shadow – BONNE – Booth 510
An innovative textured jelly-like shadow on the make-up pallet.

Color Revolution- CHROMAVIS – Booth 205
A revolutionary color changing eyeshadow: applied as a regular eyeshadow it renders its authentic color, but gently smudged on the eyes before drying, it will magically change into a darker tone thanks to the combination of special ingredients.

Wonderlight Eyeshadow- CHROMAVIS – Booth 205
A jelly-like eyeshadow with an amazingly fresh touch. It looks like wet modeling clay with an extraordinary metallic finish.

Chrome Lipgloss- GOTHA COSMETICS – Booth 413
A water based lipgloss with electrifying chrome colors. Fast drying, it delivers extreme brilliance and high coverage. Its, non sticky and non greasy texture forms a super liquid & very thin film. Its formula contains a high amount of natural origin ingredients (69%), gluten-free, vegan.

UV Eye Des-Eye-Gner-GOTHA COSMETICS – Booth 413
Transforming Color: from invisible to fluorescent to turn eyes on, with a cyber galactic look under UV lights. Invisible with normal light, it is perfect also to draw and create temporary body tattoos that are revealed only under UV lights.

Vynil Eyeshadow – ITIT COSMETICS – Booth 311
A long-lasting eyeshadow with a perfect release of color. Its silicone acrylic base is enriched with pearls for a shiny, shimmering effect.

Jekyll & Hide Your Imperfections BB – KDC – Booth 702
A product resulting from exclusive technologies that combines color correction with comfort and a complete care.
Its texture that blends from a lavender color correcting cream to the ultimate skin tone and color perfected BB that brightens and perfects the skin tone. This cream also offers a broad spectrum sun protection (SPF 35) to shield skin from photo aging UV damage.

Metalmaniac – NUCO – Booth 309
This eyeshadow covers the eyelids with an even, supple and long lasting metallic film. Powdery, slightly wet and even creamy, its application is effortless and comfortable.

Smoke’n Gloss – PASCUAL COSMETIQUES – Booth 303
Liquid eye shadow with easy application. Intense lacquer or wet effect: its dense texture, with no feeling of matter is customizable and long-lasting.

Multi- Functional Ball – S&J INTERNATIONAL – Booth 202
Colour beads with a multi-functional use: a powder for the lips, cheeks, mixed with a cream base to modify skin tones, blushers or skin primers. Creamy texture blendable with any cream base.


Bunny Lip Kit – ASQUAN GROUP – Booth 518
The Bunny Lip Kit features four different colored mini lipsticks. With their handy packaging these take-anywhere lipsticks are perfect for travel or trying every bestseller.

Strobelight – Prismatic highlighter trio – FABER – CASTELL – Booth 106
Three multi-dimensional cream highlighters that give the skin an exquisite, dewy glow. This prismatic trio with micro-light diffusing pigments lends a luminous complexion, brightens shadows and illuminates the skin. Champagne for a spotlighting effect. Prism for fresh skin. Peach for a sexy glow. Waterproof the Super Jumbo with its 10mm lead is perfect while on the go (no brush required).

Majestic Rouge Lipstick – INTERCOS USA – Booth 114
Richly sensorial lipstick formulated with the highest pigments. Releases one stroke, sculpting coverage that wears with excellent adherence and zero bleeding. This lipstick with biomimetic pigment coatings (patent pending) shields lips against harmful external agents while guaranteeing intense color payoff.

Perfect Cover Plus – LADY BIRD – Booth 312
Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative!
Conceal, cover, correct, and contour with Perfect Cover Plus. These concealer pencils do it all with a lightweight, blendable formula that doesn’t require sharpening and conveniently twists up.

Poudre – The real powder liner – SCHWAN-STABILO COSMETICS – Booth 319
Unique powder liner. Endless finishes: The customer is his own makeup artist. Easy lining for a soft blended look. Lasts 8 hours. Due to extremely high content of filling agents and produced with the special Schwan powder technology, extraordinary powdery uniqueness is created.

Eye Contact – STRAND COSMETICS EUROPE – Stand 208
Neither a mascara nor an eyeliner, this eyelash product for men and women has been formulated to deposit a thin film on the lashes with no matter effect, which intensifies the look after a single stroke. It contains pigments that even up the color of lashes from the roots to the tips.
Its small brush is easy to use (even for small lashes).

UV Envy Range – WECKERLE COSMETICS – Booth 128
The cosmetic range of Mascaras and Lipsticks that advocates universality. These little masters of metamorphosis contain UV reactive ingredients that reveal their bold beauty under the presence of Ultra Violet light. Available in a thrilling range of statement colors with unexpected striking effects.

Sephora Pro-Pro Pigments Editorial Palette – ORCHARD INTERNATIONAL- Booth 622
A deluxe eyeshadow palette with 28 shades complete with a how-to tutorial pamphlet written by Sephora PRO artists. Texture and payoff to die for! Collaborating with 15 makeup artists handpicked for their superior skill and creativity. 28 highly pigmented and unique shades were created.


SP22 Panache Pulse for Algenist – ALBEA – Booth 711
“SP22 Panache Pulse is a new gesture, an immersion in a gentle, deep and long-lasting cloud of fragrance that captivates the senses”. Algenist brand has selected the SP22 Panache Pulse pump for its hydrating serum in a mist. Panache Pulse spray releases an extremely fine mist, enriching consumers’ beauty routines with a new gesture.

Hypnotic Brush Form Sensory Collection – ALBEA – Booth 711
The Hypnotic lashcare brush offers a spa-like softness with 100% cotton. Hypnotic by Albéa takes care of eyelashes.
100% cotton & 100% made in USA, the brush absorbs and holds the perfect amount of formula for a spa-like treatment. The slim shape and cotton material ensure a lightweight, non-abrasive application to lashes.

Starscraper – COSMEI – Booth 720
The packaging was designed to transform, with an easy twist, compact products (for face and eyes) in soft textures. By turning the ring in its packaging center, the mechanism pounds the compact stick inside the packaging. The powder is obtained in a clean perfectly metered manner, avoiding waste and dispersion. Starscraper thus allows the release of the right amount of fine powder and facilitates product collection.

Bi-Color Velvet Silicone Trousse – COSMEI – Booth 720
The Velvet silicone trousse, with its two innovative bicolor faces and a horizontal opening makes it possible to customize embossed messages on the cover and colors. The plus of Velvet silicone: Velvety touch. Flexible and soft. Multiple shapes. Infinite colors. Silkscreen painting. Embossed and debossed design. Easy to customize. Easy to clean. Easy to combine with other materials. FDA certification. Low molding cost.

Midnight Seduction 1 – GEKA – Booth 314
Glamorous lash look. To create provokingly curled and voluminous nightlife lashes with this brand new 1K brush and its slightly woman shape. Its tip guarantees a smudge-free an easy application of upper and lower lashes providing them with major volume. The wiper doses the deep black mascara perfectly.

Twisted Molded Mascara Brush – TEXEN – Booth 206
A molded brush at 0 degrees, horizontally and vertically in alignment, then it is twisted during assembly to become the TM Mascara brush, perfect to create volume effects and to get right up against every lash from root to tip. . Many different combinations of brushes can be made with one tool and any portion of the brush can be partially twisted.

Cosmo + – COSMOGEN – Booth 708
COSMO+ has been designed to protect the most sensitive skincare and make up formulas by preventing them from any interaction with oxygen. Activated by a single rotary pulse, the COSMO+ pump produces a vacuum effect which dispenses one dose of the formula, with no waste. The system is protected by a cap and the applicator is easy to clean after use.
The COSMO+ range is delivered in 2 pieces to optimize the industrial process of assembling.


Silicon Brush – COSMOGEN – Booth 708
A range of silicone brushes, where each brush has been designed to fit shapes and contours of the face, and to apply formulas gently, accurately and efficiency. They provide a soft touch and allow to work and blend cream or oily powder formulas, many times with a natural and nuanced result.
Very easy to wash with no drying time. 10 brushes available.

Clear Puff Care – COSMOGEN – Booth 708
A textured clear puff, which comes with a wavy part to apply the formula, stretch the skin and activate the microcirculation, and then with a bump part ideal for eye contour.
Perfectly adapted to cream/liquid and foam formulas, it can reach all areas on the face and is suitable for sensitive skins.

Ergonomic Wedge Blending Sponge – ORCHARD INTERNATIONAL- Booth 622
Ergonomically designed, the edges angles and curves make up this sponge’s special shape. From tip to grip this sponges suits small to mid-sized blending needs. A combination of the durable high-density PU material and innovative finger grip indents result in an expert effortless application.


Michèle Burke philosophy

“In general make-up must first of all allow a person to feel better about themselves, say Michèle Burke. Make one feel beautiful ! But we have all our own personal beauty needs. We have to look at our faces and discover ourselves. Find one signature note or feature like eyes or lips and focus on that ! Beauty and makeup is all about self-discovery and the image we want others to see. We have to sift through all the information about cosmetic products and beauty tips and find out what suits us and what we need.
So, my philosophy is to focus on our best features, correcting what we can and ignoring what we can’t change without doing any harm or damage. Always be ready for evolution. Don’t get stuck in applying the same colours and looks all the time. Only follow trends if they look good on you. Carefully consider the colour and style of your hair. Good grooming can make you look like a million. There is nothing more golden than a smile”.

A word about Chic Studio…

Chic Studios is a leading national makeup artistry school, teaching through course instruction, live hands-on lessons and opportunities for graduates. The school enables career services assisting students and alumni with opportunities and education to plan, promote and prepare their careers in the beauty industry.
Chic Studios has been designed to teach the fundamentals of makeup artistry, while providing techniques and a well-rounded education in professional makeup.
The school has an array of highly qualified instructors who are actively working in the industries, guided by an intense and comprehensive curriculum for each course.