Los Angeles…, the appointment in makeup innovation you shouldn’t miss!

On February 7th, at the entrance of the Barker Hangar, the new venue for the upcoming MakeUp in LosAngeles exhibition, visitors and exhibitors will be surprised! The famous innovation tree that is featured as usual at every MakeUp In show across the world is bound to grab all the attention. Because more products than ever before will be hung on its branches. Jury members who just met in Paris had a hard time deciding between them…

More than a third of exhibitors at this third edition of MakeUp in LosAngeles entered the contest. In the end, a total, of more than 70 products were assessed by the seven jury members: 28 presented in the “Formulation” category, 22 in the “Packaging” category, 14 in the “Full Service” category and 6 in the “Accessories” category.
Hence, all t he products selected by the jury members will be presented on the Innovation Tree products of the show.

A new and extraordinary edition

When questioned, after completing their task, Jury experts were enthusiastic. For one of them, “this new edition of MakeUp in LosAngeles will enable visitors to experience new sensations with innovative applicators dedicated to eye shadows and foundations. Amazing formulas highly charged in pigments. Both eco-friendly and modern pencils through their formulas and shades. Note, for example, a very innovative eye shadow “mill” and a superb compact made of plastic with a metal effect, which is aesthetically stunning but also offers a surprising haptic effect”. For another Jury member, “it’s always interesting to discover in preview all these novelties, that always creative manufacturers are eager to unveil at the show, because, among them, you will discover some “real” innovations!”
For a third Jury expert, “A very nice palette of products: packaging with sensory effects, beautiful decorations and new materials for applicators. Congratulations to participants!”

A big thanks!

Yes, a big thanks to the thirty exhibitors who took part in this third edition of the Innovation Tree at MakeUp in Los Angeles, including the following Companies: Albéa, Arminak, Art Cosmetics, Asquan, Bonne, Chromavis, Cosméi, Cosmogen, Faber-Castell, Fusion Packaging, Geka, Goodyear, Gotha Cosmetics, Intercos, Itit Cosmetics, Kolmar, Lady Bird, Lumson, Nuco, Orchanditi, Pascual, PBP Packaging, Pennellifaro, Roberts, S&J International, Schwan Cosmetics, Strand Cosmetics Europe, Texen and Weckerle.
Many thanks, of course, to the Jury experts including:
– Florence Bernardin, Founder of the Information & Inspiration Agency, an expert in Asian cosmetic, beauty and well-being trends.
– Pierre Bisseuil, Research Director, at Pecler’s Paris a Consulting firm specialised in style and innovation.
– Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Founder of the Consulting Firm Beautyworld Connections.
– Jean-Louis Mathiez, Founder of Cinqpats, a Company specializing in cosmetic packaging innovation.
– Luisa Oliva, International Consultant in cosmetics and formulation expert.
– Martial Touze, Professor at the European School of Packaging (ESEPAC)
– Gérald Martines, Founder and Director of the Consulting Firm In•Signes, specialized in marketing and innovation for high-end beauty products.