MakeUp in Action in Los Angeles: such a great idea… here is the proof!

We won’t hide our satisfaction.. Exhibitors and visitors were unanimous in their comments: This first edition of MakeUp in Action in Los Angeles was a success! You can’t imagine how delighted the Beauteam team was with this result. What a great satisfaction it is indeed for an event organizer to receive such enthusiastic and warm comments. Once again, we demonstrated that it was possible to “design differently” an event by always focusing on what’s most important, “Quality”. High quality exhibitors, of course, but high quality visitors too, you can’t have one without the other. A big thanks to all of you for your support in this new adventure.

Jean-Yves Bourgeois & Sandra Maguarian

Intercos was very happy with the MakeUp in Action in Los Angeles show. The California makeup market is so dynamic and it is important to be part of the neighbourhood.
The intimacy of the show was appreciated as well as the studio environment. I trust that next year you will be able to offer a larger booth space. Unfortunately, we did not have time to join the conferences even though the format seemed interesting.
Thank you for organizing this beauty show.

An innovative and alternative experience…… What else? Thank you Beauteam for the perfect organization of this new cosmetic event.

MakeUp in Action in Los Angeles was in overall a great event. We were able to connect with our current clients as well as making some fabulous new connections as well. Thanks for these two days well spent!

This was one of the best run shows I have ever attended the quality of the venue and the visitors was just tremendous!!
The cosmetic industry truly needs its West Coast show and I will plan on attending for years to come…
Congrats on a fantastic show and I look forward to attending next year!!

The show went fine, there was a good atmosphere and we got to meet new brands. The format with the conferences is interesting.

The show was great for SeaCliff. We had meetings set with very focused and serious buyers and engineers and had many new and existing customers come by the booth to discuss new projects. We were very happy with the intimacy of the show as well. Thank you for creating such an amazing, inspirational show for all of us.

MakeUp in Action in Los Angeles is a new and exciting platform to promote our new products and our latest innovations. It was great to see that our key customers also support this event.

We confirm we really enjoyed this first edition of MakeUp in Action in Los Angeles, both in terms of organization, of its location, and for the quality of the various players we met during these two days.

Thank you very much, we had a great time. It was good to us and we will attend next year too.
MakeUp in Action in Los Angeles was a new challenge for West Coast cosmetics brands.
All the events like the workshops were great and in a beautiful place.
Thank you very much to the whole team.

The show was a great success as I was expecting. We met most of our clients and a few new potentials.
Perfectly organized, great location and size. Boots could be slightly better.
Anyway, overall, I can tell you that you have done a good job and that the show is as good for us as MakeUp in Paris.
Los Angeles is the new hot kid on the block and there will be lots of great opportunities in the near future.
Vibrant, creative and full of entrepreneurship!

Thank you for having us, it was a worthwhile experience with some good leads.
Always breaking from tradition, Beauteam has provided another unique and exciting platform for the Beauty industry to gather and exchange ideas. Baralan USA is proud to have been included in the inaugural, MakeUp in Action in Los Angeles, and we look forward to being part of the future success.

Our feedback: Delighted! New contacts and some appointments are already planned!

Yes it was a great show! “MakeUp in Action in Los Angeles was a huge hit, the small, intimate setting was perfect for meeting clients” The quality of attendees was superb and having a West Coast show where many brands are is a great addition to the MakeUp in shows!”

We really appreciated this new concept combining show and workshops.
It was a pleasure starting the year with meeting our main West Coast and international customers in a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The location and the organization were fantastic!
Thank you and congratulations for this successful event!

For us at least it was an excellent and very busy show. It seemed that these small booths brought somehow customers and suppliers in every aspect closer together.

These two days were very profitable to understand the specificities of this area of influence and also establish new connections with brands and stakeholders operating in this booming cosmetic industry.

As always, I was impressed by your dynamism, your entrepreneurial strength… MakeUp in Action in Los Angeles was radiant, active, positive, innovative, warm, sunny!!!! Thanks so much once again and congrats.

Thank you so much! We had a wonderful time and hope that the panel went well for you.

The show was great, and very elevated. Thank you for the opportunity to speak on the roundtable. The speakers and round discussions added a nice level of expertise to the show. We will connect in the future.

The show was a lot of fun. Thank you for including us.

The show was a great opportunity to connect with West Coast clients as well as meet new brands. The venue was a nice environment that allowed us to schedule meetings and showcase new products in a more intimate setting.

Los Angeles was a hit! Congrats!

Thank you all for having us participate yet again. We enjoyed it very much and have had some nice feedback from the attendees.

We really enjoyed it! Congratulations on a great show!

Both I and Michael thank you for inviting us to be part of what was indeed a very successful event. The event had a great feel to it and we felt that the location choice was perfect.

As always, the organization, the venue and the program were perfect. You honour our beautiful profession each time! We are sure that this experience, driven by the “Californian Positive Way of Life”, will have given the whole Beauteam team a whole lot of vitamins!

We really enjoyed being a part of the event – thanks a lot for this great opportunity.

Congrats to your team. The feedback from our Commercial Rep. – who visited the show – was positive. Well done!

We really liked the show set up and feel it was very beneficial for Schwan to be present….It was a great place for networking and meeting customers. The show was very well organized. Parking around the corner which was quite convenient as well. It was the right decision to attend. Also we liked the size of the show – not too big as well as the combination of seminars/workshops with the opportunity to also chat with your manufacturers.
The same feedback we did receive also from my customers. Great job done!

Thank you for including me.

Thank you so much for allowing Chic Studios to be a part of MakeUp in Action in Los Angeles! We truly had a fantastic time! We look forward to participating in future events! Again, thank you so much!

MakeUp in Action was the best beauty event we ever had in Los Angeles!
It was a beautiful venue and your organization and staff were exceptional! Los Angeles has become the beauty and fashion capital of the United States and the most important, as well as the new brands, attended this event. We heard wonderful comments from everyone we met!
Thank you for another wonderful Beauteam experience! See you in Paris!

Quadpack was thrilled with the event and being part of another first for the Beauteam team. Makeup was the Star of the show! Thank you to all.

We enjoyed the show and had a great time.
It was a nice show, because it was focused.

We loved the show. The conferences were absolutely what we needed, it gave us a lot of new ideas for our new product developments. The exhibition was great too, we had a lot of quality time spent talking to visitors and existing customers. Thank you for putting together this great event.
We look forward for next years’ MakeUp in Action.

Thank you SO much for including us in the event. It’s such a fulfilling experience and so happy to share our experience and insights with the attendees. We have been hearing WONDERFUL feedback from colleagues who attended. Very much looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Congratulation for your first event in Los Angeles ! We were very happy to participate et we think that it was the opinion of everybody…..