MakeUp in LosAngeles, a “winning” second edition!

This second edition of MakeUp in LosAngeles, which took place last week at the Quixote Studio in West Hollywood, exceeded all the expectations of the professional makeup industry. Indeed both quality and quantity were the ones expected. The first day was crazy, yes, completely crazy! With more than 1,000 visitors between 10:00 am and 05:00 pm, compared to the 600 people who had come to the show a year ago, during the two days of the first MakeUp in LosAngeles! In the end a total of 1,650 people, – i.e., a figure higher than the number of pre-registered visitors – will have crowded the aisles of the event. And the number of attendees at the conferences was also absolutely incredible with more than 1,300 participants.

“And to think that we had hesitated for a moment to organize a second MakeUp in…™, in the U.S.!” recalled, with a smile on their faces, Sandra Maguarian and Jean-Yves Bourgeois, the organizers of the five MakeUp in…™ events across the world. “But, undoubtedly, there are many Americas on this continent! And both “Americas” are indeed different. One fact seems more and more obvious: the U.S. West Coast is continuing to strongly influence the U.S. East Coast and, when you look at it, this influence is even spanning to many other parts of the world” This probably explains the huge success of the first day of conferences and debates, focused mainly on this “influence”. A tip of the hat also to the “Packaging” and “Full Service” workshops that will have captivated participants.

Thrilled exhibitors!

Businesses who had decided to be present as exhibitors will have not been disappointed, quite the contrary. Lots of brand managers crowded the aisles during these two intense days. “Like each time, admitted suppliers, we were surprised by the high quality level of visitors in terms of responsibility. Brand owners and decision makers are really the ones that come to the MakeUp in…™ trade shows, and this second edition in Los Angeles was no exception!” It is true that all the elements were present to make of MakeUp in LosAngeles a success. Top suppliers and top brands, had clearly decided to not to miss this event. “We apologize to the suppliers (more than twenty!), to whom we had to return their application form this year because of a lack of exhibition space, said Sandra Maguarian. Next year, we will be able to host all of them! But only the top of the crop!”

And of course there is every reason to believe that the 2018 edition will be even more “lively” and animated than the 2017 edition, which has just closed its doors. Now MakeUp in LosAngeles is a reality that has not finished amazing us.