MakeUp in LosAngeles is riding the “Indie” wave

By doubling in one year, the number of exhibitors, the upcoming edition of MakeUp in LosAngeles, which will take place on 7 and 8 February 2018 at the Barker Hangar, –a new hype venue not far from the Los Angeles Airport–, is definitely positioning itself as the prime U.S. West Coast event dedicated to the makeup sector.
A success linked to the fantastic wave of creations of new trendy brands, the famous “Indies”, (short for Independent Brands), and their equally immediate and unexpected incredible success! Registrations to the event are open. Don’t wait any longer because places are limited!

When the Beauteam organizers launched the first “MakeUp in LosAngeles” edition in 2016, it was hard to imagine at the time such a success! But No one can deny today that the challenge was successfully met. It is true that events were undoubtedly propitious. Because it is on the West Coast that the famous “Indie Brands” have the most upset the U.S. makeup sector. Their growth exceeded 20% in 2016 and more than a hundred of these brands were created in a single year. The internet was undoubtedly the main driver, bringing about the wave of influencers, incubators, accelerators, etc… Key factor to this success: the trendy, offbeat, innovative, authentic, playful side offered by Indies. A popularity which has driven in the corner traditional brands that often had no other choice than to purely and simply buy them. There were no fewer than 50 acquisitions in 2016! They are reinforcing their presence on social networks, an unavoidable source of information for connected younger generations and now offer more disruptive innovations, by capitalizing on their assets – their legacy and their knowledge of consumers. An exciting time anyhow and one the main themes of the MakeUp in LosAngeles conference program.

The exhibitors!