Packaging / Applicators: making the right choice!

Make up products are the combination of three inseparable elements, present in any and all product, and that must work together in close harmony to achieve the desired result: the formula, the packaging and the applicator. The combination of different areas to treat (eyes, lips, nails…), each with its own specific demands, with a wealth of packaging technologies (tubes, pencils, swivel mechanisms, sprays…), not to forget a growing number of applicator types (brushes, felt-tips, flock-tips, spatulas, balls…) results in significant complexity, that brands must master in order to introduce products that meet the high expectations of ever more educated, demanding and mobile consumers. Thursday, February 9 from 11am to 12pm and then in the afternoon from 02:30 pm to 05:00 pm, Gérald Martines, Founder and President of IN•SIGNES and his industry peers will show you how to make the “right packaging choice”.

Gérald Martines

Gérald Martines

On February 9, from 11am to 12pm, the first “Beauty Packaging” workshop will help you get a complete overview of this vast universe and better understand the technology behind it. This workshop will present the process for selecting the appropriate packaging for a specific application and will set up a comprehensive typology of cosmetic packagings.
– Inventory of make-up areas
– Specific constraints
– The selection process of a packaging type
– Overview of the main galenic form for cosmetic formulas: lotions, serums, oils, gels, wax…
– Combining make up application with packaging technology: Cosmetic packaging typology.

Making the right choice!

From 02:30 pm to 05:00 pm, you will know everything about mascaras, lipgloss, lipsticks, pencils and packaging intended for foundations. You will get a grasp at the basic technology at work, identify critical functions and walk through the main criteria to consider to develop an impeccably operating pack, from material compatibility issues to airtightness and more. A workshop where you will have access also to some significant innovations and current technology trends to provide Marketing Product Managers and Packaging Engineers with a comprehensive overview.

Mascara for example, beyond dispute, is the cosmetic category where the interaction between the formula, the applicator and the pack plays the most critical role, and where innovations in these elements nourish each other, resulting in a sustained stream of novelties.
Among witnesses attending, to note the participation of Adrian Hook, Vice President Sales USA, Brivaplast, Allan Yedlinsky, Sales Manager, Mascara +, Anne Rutigliano, Marketing Manager, Albéa Cosmetic Rigid Packaging, Arnaud Brilland, Vice President of Sales North America, Geka GmbH, JK Hwang, President & Founder, FS Korea and Renato Ancorotti, CEO, Ancorotti Cosmetics Cosmetics.

Second packaging to be thoroughly reviewed, Lipgloss, which is probably the favorite lip make up category with the younger generations, because of its ease of use and an ever-increasing palette of available effects. After being a relatively low tech category for a while lipgloss has seen a sustained pace of innovation in applicators and packaging solutions lately making it a very dynamic category.
Among witnesses attending, to note the presence of Anne Rutigliano, Marketing Manager, Albéa Cosmetic Rigid Packaging, Adrian Hook, Vice President Sales USA, Brivaplast, and Arnaud Brilland, Vice President of Sales North America, Geka GmbH.

Third “flagship” packaging, classical lipstick remains the featured article of any makeup lineup. Innovations in multi-benefit formulas and new gestures have lately fueled a corresponding flow of innovations in packaging solutions in order to handle the more demanding modern lipstick formulations or the new ways in which makeup brands are utilizing the good old mechanisms.
Among witnesses attending, Philippe Pavageau, General Manager, Alkos Group, Sonia Cerato, Category Manager Makeup Division, Quadpack and Thomas Weckerle, CEO, Weckerle.

Pencils and packs for foundations!

Now let’s make way for pencils, which are a ubiquitous makeup solution, that has invaded virtually all makeup applications from eyes to lips and face, without forgetting the highly dynamic segment of brows. The classic wooden pencil, still a must, has evolved into a wealth of solutions from plastic to automatic pencils, opening lots of opportunities for innovative applications.
Among witnesses attending, Dr. Christina Zech, Managing Director, Faber Castell Cosmetics, David Jieli, General Manager, Ningbo, Philippe Pavageau, General Manager, Alkos Group, and Valeria Piano, Sales Director, Confalonieri.

Finally how not to review packagings for the complexion which are the base… for make-up. Few categories embrace as many applications, combining such a vast variety of formula types, each with its own requirement in terms of texture and viscosity, with a large choice of packaging solutions that must be carefully selected to properly deliver the optimal result.
Among witnesses attending, Denis Richard-Orliange, VP Sales & Marketing, Strand Cosmetics, Mario de Luigi, Sales & Marketing Director, B.Kolor, Sonia Cerato, Category Manager Makeup Division, Quadpack, Vonda Simon, Propriétaire, SeaCliff Beauty Pkg & Labs/SeaCliff Beauty Private Label Cosmetics/Murray Plastic LLC.

Nearly four hours dedicated to what enables to not only protects the product but also to beautify it! Register now!