Thanks to Michele Burke, the work of a film makeup artist will no longer be a mystery to you!

Two days in a row, (Wednesday, February 8 from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm in the conference room and on Thursday, February 9 from 11 am to 12 pm in a private lounge), visitors to MakeUp in LosAngeles who have registered in advance will have the privilege to experience in person the “creative process” of a renowned two time Academy award winning MakeUp Artist.
The explanations of one of the most famous professional make-up Artist of movie stars, Michele Burke who tells us more below.

MakeUp in…™ : Concretely, how are you going to animate these two sessions?

Michele Burke : During the first session on February 8th between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm, I will reveal my way of working, my techniques and approach to designing makeups for feature films on todays top actor and actresses.

Designing makeup for leading ladies and men on feature films is a highly specialized field. Film presents a unique set of challenges and requires a different set of techniques when it comes to application, as well as products and tools selection.

A film might follow the actor over the course of years as well as many dramatic and environmental situations. The input of high profile actors, producers, directors, and the film studio as well as time and money restraints require the film makeup artist to develop a unique eye, special skills and techniques. You have to learn to “think differently” and be ready to adjust and pivot on a moment’s notice. Nerves of steel are required. You will work high on a wire with no net below.

I have over the years evolved my own techniques, which I am going to share with you. This is how I work, who I am and how you have to be to succeed…

MakeUp in…™ : Then there is a private session for a privileged few on the following day, February 9th, between 11 am and 12 pm?

Michele Burke : In the current era of “Hey Siri”, “OK Google” Amazon’s Alexa/Echo and assorted other Digital Assistants – I will offer my own version – “Hey Michele”, your very own makeup Digital assistant. Ten participants will be offered a close up encounter with me. Attendees should come armed with their questions. Possibly help with a current project, marketing advice, product questions, beauty advice, tips, techniques or their career. I will also come with my own questions to ask the attendees in order to stimulate conversation. It’s a type of “town hall meeting”.

MakeUp in…™ : This is a very rare opportunity to ask a 6 time Academy Award nominee and two times Oscar winner anything you can think of?

Michele Burke : Absolutely! Every time you work in makeup, you are met with new challenges. You have to be on your toes so you can do the budget, design and apply makeup, and work within a large creative mass of people, some of whom will also have input into how the makeup looks.

Here are some of my tried and true basic tips….

No two people are alike. We all have our own personal beauty needs. We have to look at our faces and discover ourselves. Find one signature note or feature like eyes or lips and focus on that!

Beauty and makeup is about self-discovery and the image we want others to see. We have to sift through all the information about cosmetic products and beauty tips So, my philosophy is to focus on our best features, correcting what we can and ignoring what we can’t change without doing any harm or damage.

Always be ready for evolution. Don’t get stuck in applying the same colors and looks all the time. Only follow trends if they look good on you.

Carefully consider the color and style of your hair. Good grooming can make you look like a million.

There is nothing more golden than a smile.

Everyone has his or her own distinctive standard of beauty and attractiveness.

I seek to find this and enhance it. So can you! Seek out your best features whether it be skin, bone structure, lips or eyes.Stick with products and a look that works on you. Use minimal products to enhance beauty that does not need to be altered.

Don’t just go with the latest trends. Smile! – It’s your greatest asset.

I also act as a chemist. I don’t just buy makeup and put it on. I buy all the pigments and make foundations and makeups. I make my own mixtures.

Max Factor hired me to be part of the Max Factor movie makeup artists team to test and consult on products, as well as providing a link to the company’s legacy in Hollywood.

I also design makeup applicators for Geka Worldwide, and act as a freelance consultant when called upon.