The world of makeup is subject to multiple influences! At Los Angeles, you will understand why!


It is a fact: major regions of the world influence one another in terms of “makeup trends”! At MakeUp in Action you will find out why Asia influences consumers and brands on the West Coast.

You will also be explained why, in the future, where the line between human and technological device blurs, water is a protected resource, energy concerns ring true and natural ingredients take centre stage, how will beauty brands innovate to stay competitive?

On February 3, 2016, you will know everything about trends influencing the makeup world!


action-15-jindalWith to start with, at 02:00 p.m., global trends in Beauty and Personal Care and their impact on the US market, by Sarah Jindal, Mintel. Mintel will reveal the four key trends set to impact the global beauty and personal care industry over the next decade, discussing how the dynamic relationship between consumers and brands will not only evolve the industry, but revolutionize it like never before.

The line between human and technological device is blurring as smart technology puts people in greater control of their individual health and beauty needs. Water is set to become a precious commodity as consumption outstrips supply.

The more consumers become aware of this, the more beauty brands will need to change how they manufacture and formulate products to limit their dependence on water.

Consumers are facing an energy crisis as the pace of modern life catches up with them. Aware of consumers’ need to make long-term lifestyle changes to address falling energy levels, beauty brands are delivering products that put energy claims at the forefront of their message.

The saying goes, ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’. Interest in natural ingredients is on the rise as more people dare to roll up their sleeves and get involved in the process of creating beauty products.


action-15-bernardinThen at 06:15 p.m., you will understand the influence that Asia has on the makeup sector, with Florence Bernardin, Founder of Information & Inspiration.

From double-cleansing to obtain a perfect healthy glow and optimize makeup results to skincare layering with skin conditioner up to finisher for extra radiance … the Asian influence is obviously expanding on western skincare and makeup new products.

Not only the texture such as Liquid rouge or Cushion foundation, not only the benefits such as BB, CC , but also the vibrant applicators, the airless packages, the sponges… the Asian wave mainly from Japan and Korea is widely influencing all the makeup world.

Next will be targeting silver generation as Japan is leading the way, but also the sagging pore concern, the tint by all mean, the brow power … and much more to discover with Florence Bernardin, Asian cosmetics trend expert from France, Founder of Information & Inspiration agency.

Get inspired through what’s in and what’s next from Asian makeup trends and enjoy new creative potential directions.


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