MakeUp in is a passion to live without moderation!

You must have seen it already, MakeUp in has got a make over for Christmas and we love it! For this occasion, we asked Sandra Maguarian, Co-founder and Show Director of MakeUp in a few questions.

Sandra Maguarian

A colorful and eventful year has ended with a lot of challenges. How was 2018 for MakeUp in?

Crazy! The word is crazy! 2018 was very positive with a successful first edition of MakeUp in Shanghai. Los Angeles, Paris, New York and Seoul editions were also acclaimed by both exhibitors and visitors as each show met their needs and expectations – but we’ll let them tell you all about it!
2018 also confirmed the substantial synergies between the Luxe Pack and MakeUp in shows; both organized by the Infopro Digital group while keeping their respective identities and DNA. What an amazing way to share savoir-faire and experience with the Shanghai and Los Angeles participants.

You now have a whole New Year ahead of you, with a world of opportunities opening for MakeUp in. What are the most exciting endeavors you are planning for 2019?

That goes without saying, but the adventure goes on, at an even higher intensity! When we created the very first MakeUp in Paris, in 2010, our ambition was to help the global makeup industry grow to exceptional levels. The market did not fail us when it came to bringing new opportunities: global makeup sales grew 35% from 2010 to 2018!
2019 is also the year of changes in our corporate identity to transcribe better the right balance between our spirit, our energy and the dynamism of the beauty world. Each of our shows has now its own color, representing its unique market.

The new artwork will be unveiled at MakeUp in LosAngeles; the first event of the year for us where the number of pre-registered visitors has doubled compared to 2018. For this 4th edition, we’ll focus on the “Green Movement in Beauty” with conferences dedicated to eco-design, following the dynamic and inventive West Coast market.

And yes, MakeUp in is an experience to live without any moderation!

Speaking of passion, as the shows grow and expand, what drives you and your team in your everyday performance?

It is all about passion! We evolved and adapted through time, but our spirit remains throughout each one of our beloved shows.
Creativity, passion and service are the three words that drive our daily thoughts and actions. 2019 will be no stranger to our motto; we are fully committed to our audiences.