Beauty in China, clues to navigate the market serenely!

Three topical themes for a rich informative cocktail next April 11th! Starting at 9:15 am you will have the opportunity to attend the conference of Ms. Mian Zheng, Beauty Expert, CTIC WGSN China Ltd, on the theme, “It’s Time to be proactive!”
Then at 1:00 pm, Anne-Catherine Auvray, Editorial Director at Beautystream will tell you why China is a rapidly evolving market and why colour is a key means of communications. The “Color Wave by Beautystream” will evaluate the latest movements in colour in China. It will map out trends not-to-miss and highlight relevant products from exhibitors. A trend that should be placed in a legislative context highly specific to China. A context that will be addressed at 3:00 pm by Mrs. Yidan Wu a Representative of the Cosmetics Affiliate of China Health Care Association (CACHC). The focus will be on the regulatory updates in Cosmetic Regulations and with practical FAQs, on what the market entering conditions are (incl. cross-border e-commerce) and on how to register/file cosmetic products. So save the date and register now!

No time to lose! The minute you will have passed through the doors of this first edition of MakeUp in Shanghai, organized concurrently with the tenth edition of Luxe Pack Shanghai, you will immediately be tempted to attend the conferences. And this, as of the first day!

It’s time to be proactive!

At 9:15 am, next April 11th, Ms. MianMian Zheng, Beauty Expert, CTIC WGSN China Ltd. will tell you why she believes that “in times of extremism and uncertainty, we are seeing powerful and instantaneous reactions to events – and to change ourselves. These reactions are multiplied across communities around the world, resulting in endless debates and a feeling of chaos that can be overwhelming. Yet people will soon be cutting through the chaos, to create solutions that will result in new actions, taking things a step forward. For businesses, embracing new manufacturing industries and under-served markets will be paramount. For creative people, design will increasingly go beyond product to form new systems of social and critical design. Action/Reaction is about opening up dialogues and creating counterbalance. It’s time to be proactive!”

A quickly evolving market!

At 1:00 pm Anne-Catherine Auvray, Beautystream, will present the theme “Color Wave by Beautystreams: Forecasted Color Movements for China”. She will explain why “China is a quickly evolving market where colour is a key means of communications. Our “Color Wave” evaluates the latest movements in colour in China. It maps out trends not-to-miss and highlights relevant products from exhibitors”. Anne-Catherine Auvray is the Editorial Director of BeautyStreams, managing the vast team of editors and beauty researchers worldwide. Based in Asia, she is an expert in branding, marketing, and product development. Ms. Auvray has a background of over 17 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, including more than 10 years at Clarins Paris at various positions, such as International Product & Marketing Manager. She is an innovative thinker and expert in anticipating market needs and product potential.

Update on the Cosmetic Regulations

“China is now the biggest and fastest evolving cosmetic market in the world for most cosmetic brands, retailers and their investors”, will explain at 3:00pm Mrs. Yidan WU the Representative of the Cosmetics Affiliate of China Health Care Association (CACHC). “When developing or launching a new cosmetic product, it is imperative to understand the relevant cosmetic regulations you will need to follow. A fast-evolving cosmetic market means sometimes a fast-evolving regulatory environment. To keep you up to date on cosmetic regulations in China, this conference will give an overview of Cosmetic Regulations in China (including new ingredients, cosmetics naming & claims, labelling, cross-border e-Commerce – before having to comply with the rules while a new grace period has recently been given by competent authorities). It will help the audience get a full and deeper understanding of the latest Chinese regulations and supervision trends for cosmetics. Special attention will be placed on: regulatory updates, practices in line with regulations and changes to some regulatory principles and their implementation. Detailed subjects will be presented on the market entering conditions and on how to register/file cosmetic products successfully and efficiently under this current changing regulatory environment (procedures, time frames, failure cases, avoiding animal testing, safety assessment report, etc.)”.