Chinese beauty… a bright future

This “future of Beauty in China” will be the core theme of two “flagship” conferences at the first MakeUp in Shanghai event. At the first conference, next April 11 at 11:15 am, Massimo Carminati, Trend and Style Project Director from the Peclers Paris office, will present three cosmetic beauty trends for the summer of 2019 : “Dreamy Botanicals”, a dreamy and magical vision of nature magnified, between sensorial awakening and regenerative connection ; “Instinct”, the body is increasingly the preferred medium to access an emotionally and sensorily-charged reality ; “Fun Activist”, the public manifestation of self-expression and self-assertion, in a fun and off beat vein. But there is more to come…!

On the following morning, April 12 at 9:15 am Isabelle Gavalda, from Some*Xing, will give us an additional vision of this “future”, with a second conference themed: “Design for China: Creativity as a Conversation between Beauty Brands and Chinese Consumers”. After presenting her latest Asian Design Inspirations for make-up, she will introduce the cultural and design codes evolution of China’s key marketing “rendezvous” and will explain how brands can manage to break straightforward codes to create new beauty stories. A presentation followed by a round table on the theme “From E-commerce to Social Commerce: The Power of Social Media for Beauty in China” with the participation of Alexis Bonhomme, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at CuriosityChina (Beijing), a leading digital and tech company focusing on Chinese digital platforms for premium and luxury brands, and Thomas Graziani, Co-founder at WalktheChat (Beijing), a cross-border e-commerce platform helping foreign businesses sell to China via WeChat. Not to be missed….

What trends for what makeup!?

Massimo Carminati, a native Italian who has lived in China for more than fifteen years and has always worked in the world of fashion, has been for the past seven years Trend & Style Director at Peclers Paris. For him, “This season, the desires and needs that shape our preferences in matters of skincare and beauty rituals are changing at an ever-faster pace, across all consumers regardless of age or cultural background… Always open to exploration, experimentation or even repurposing, they welcome change, but at the same time will choose products backed by a wholesome and authentic vision of nature and in which ingredients play an ever-greater role. Cosmetics also need to address a more essential pursuit that touches on self-respect and body respect. Here consumers rely on their feelings and will yield to a freer and more personal expression of their sensoriality”.
For the fast growing Chinese market, Massimo Carminati will chose three trends among the Peclers’ beauty trends ; Dreamy Botanic, Instinct, Fun Activist.

“Fascination for a wild nature, based on the promise of a thrilling and exhilarating encounter, is now heightened by the promise of a more reassuring and protective experience”, he explained. “Driven by a desire to be at one with nature, individuals turn to it for fulfillment and relief, as well as for the sensorial and spiritual stimulation it offers, which makes one feel more alive. In this context, natural cosmetics should tap into regenerative harmony and aspirations for all-encompassing, fluid and wholesome interactions with the elements: light, water, air, vegetation… And ultimately embrace a more poetic and magical vision of nature that offers serenity and plenitude.”

How, this macro trend is translated in terms of ingredients, packaging, make-up colors and skincare? This is what Massimo Carminati will explain us…

What design for China?

On April 12 in the morning, Design will be at the center of debates organized by Gavalda from SOME*XING on the theme “Design for China: Creativity as a Conversation between Beauty Brands and Chinese Consumers”.

Isabelle Gavalda graduated from NEOMA and the Beijing University of Economics and International Affairs in 2006 and then began her career in marketing and communication agencies in Beijing.
After ten years in China, driven by a passion for Art and Design, Isabelle founded SOME*XING, a Creative Strategy Agency, bringing together European and Asian experts ready to take up the strategic and creative challenges of luxury and beauty brands in China. Her motto: The importance of concepts and design in a constantly evolving society.

This theme will be addressed at the “Design for China” conference, which will show the interactions between cultural codes and brand codes for Chinese consumers increasingly demanding: the boom of lipstick, the creativity of limited editions, feminine/masculine ambiguity… The Lancôme China team will present the case study of Lancôme’s animation for the 2018 Chinese New Year.

This will also be an opportunity to address the specific offline and online apps of this hyper-connected Chinese market to then launch the round table on the theme: “From e-commerce to social commerce” with the testimonials of Alexis Bonhomme from Curiosity China and Thomas Graziani from Walk The Chat, two specialists of digital marketing in China: WeChat campaigns, flash sales, the power of influencers, the hyper segmentation of social networks, etc…