In three weeks at MakeUp in Shanghai… A Korean success story, HERA!

Next April 11, at 10:15 am, there will certainly be a large audience attending the conference of Mrs. Lee Eunim, Senior VP of Amore Pacific, on the theme “Hera, the next episode of a success story…” This will be an opportunity to understand how the branding of a very high-end Company is achieved. Among the recipes, “innovation of course but also a lot of marketing”! A unique moment! As a teaser, Mrs. Lee Eunim lifts a corner of the veil…

MakeUp in…™: What will be the highlights of your conference?

Lee Eunim

Mme Lee Eunim: I will present the “Seoulista” concept, which is the beauty icon of Seoul Women living in contemporary life. The Seoulista is an attractive woman who stands out with real presence wherever she goes. She has a natural and well-honed instinct to see beyond beauty and fashion trends to create her own, inimitable style with her own sense of beauty. She is a professional in the field. She has sophisticated manners and good sense. She does well at her job and makes rational and informed decisions. She is a people-person actively engaged in building relationships. The centre of her life is none other than herself. She is the only arbiter of her life and never loses confidence or dignity.

The Seoulista is the muse that embodies HERA’s Exceptional Beauty from Seoul. She is the epitome of a beautiful woman who not only represents Korea, but also stands as a beauty icon who contributes to a differentiated culture that goes beyond beauty brands and spans the world over. HERA delivers the beauty, value and special charm of the Seoulista, the beauty messenger, creating and leading trends in Asia.


MakeUp in…™: The Hera brand is always at the forefront of innovation and marketing? A good opportunity to lift a corner of the veil?

Mme Lee Eunim: Yes, I will also present our global vision and direction for future-oriented investment to stimulate the Corporation’s development potential in the short and medium term. HERA has been leading the aesthetic sensibility of Korean women in harmony with contemporary beauty in a rapidly changing era. I will also present the development background, history, and innovative features of top 5 products born from recent research on colour, beauty rituals and skin of Asian women, and introduce new marketing strategies to be launched in the future.