In two months, MakeUp in Shanghai! Two intense days with 14 conferences and round tables animated by 20 speakers!

This first event, promises to be a great premiere! Two months from now, the first MakeUp in Shanghai will open its doors. Concurrently and in the same venue as Luxe Pack Shanghai, this new Chinese edition – complementing the saga of MakeUp In trade shows across the world –, already looks like a major appointment for the industry. As usual, round tables and conferences will follow one another at a steady pace next April 11 and 12. All the important issues will be discussed, with an overview of beauty trends in Asia, the rules to follow and the success stories of several brands. Also addressed by speakers, the impact of social media and their consequences on the development of brands, without forgetting external influences. See you in two months!

Conferences & Round Tables Program

Day 1, Wednesday April 11th

9:15 – 10:00: “Beauty trends in Asia and Globally”
Keynotes by WGSN office in Shanghai.

10:15 – 11:00: “Hera, the next episode of a success story…”
Conference by LEE EunKim, Hera Brand Director at Amore Pacific.

11:15 – 12:00: “The future of Beauty in China”
Conference by Massimo Carminati, Trend and Style Project Director from Peclers Paris’ office in Shanghai.

01:00 – 01:45: “Color Wave by Beautystreams: Forecasted Color Movements for China”
Introducing an exciting new initiative by MakeUp In and BEAUTYSTREAMS. China is a quickly evolving market and color is a key means of communications. The COLOR WAVE by BEAUTYSTREAMS evaluates the latest movements in color in China. It maps out trends not-to-miss and highlights relevant products from exhibitors.
Conference by Anne-Catherine Auvray, Editorial Director at Beautystreams.

02:00 – 02:45: “J Beauty: How Japan is re-defining the cosmetics market? What’s hot & what’s next from Japan”
Brief introduction on trends and products by Florence Bernardin from Information & Inspiration followed by a round table.

03:00 – 03:45: “Cosmetics regulation in China”
Conference by Mrs. Yidan WU (Representative of the “Cosmetics Affiliate of China Health Care Association” (CACHC).

04:00 – 04:45: “The Natural Trend Worldwide: What are the key trends, brands, products and formulas”
Brief introduction on trends and products by Isabelle Gavalda from SOME*XING, followed by a round table moderated with Charles-Emmanuel Gounod from Beautyworld Connexions and with the participation of brands & Full Service manufacturers such as:
– Claire Frelin de Léa Nature (HK)


Day 2, Thursday April 12th

9:15 – 10:00: “Design for China: Creativity as a Conversation between Beauty Brands and Chinese Consumers”
Isabelle Gavalda, founder of SOME*XING, a creative strategy agency for China, has lived in China for more than 8 years. After presenting her latest Asian Design Inspirations for make-up, she will introduce the cultural and design codes evolution of China’s key marketing “rendez-vous” (CNY, 11.11) and explain how brands can manage to break straightforward codes to create new beauty stories.
Introduction by Isabelle Gavalda from SOME*XING followed by Lancôme China Make Up & Fragrance case study.

10:15 – 11:00: “From E-commerce to Social Commerce: The Power of Social Media for Beauty in China”
Introduction by Isabelle Gavalda followed by a round table with the participation of:
– Alexis Bonhomme Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at CuriosityChina (Beijing) a leading digital and tech company focusing on Chinese digital platforms for premium and luxury brands.
– Thomas Graziani, Co-founder at WalktheChat (Beijing) ) a cross-border e-commerce platform helping foreign businesses sell to China via WeChat.

11:15 – 12:00: “The Chinese Market: What are the challenges and opportunities of the Chinese market today and how legacy brands react to this fast changing environment”
What does it means for beauty brands in terms of product development, packaging, marketing, supply chain and merchandising?
Round table moderated by: Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Beautyworld Connexions with the participation of representatives of international brands like:
– Sam Li , Asian Head of Packaging at L’Oréal Make-up
– Shu Uemura marketing

01:00 – 01:30: “Makeup Trends in the US: What are the trends to follow and what is the next Big Thing”
Conference by Leila Rochet-Podvin, Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation.

01:45- 02:30: “US West Coast Indies Brands (emerging brands); impact on the Asian markets”
Brief introduction on trends and products by Leila Rochet-Podvin, Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation followed by a round table with the participation of Indies Brands from California.

02:45 – 03:30: “Innovation in make-up brushes”
Conference by Sara Zanafredi, CEO of Pennelli Faro.

03:45 – 04:30: “Fast Beauty & Social media influence : the new paradigm transforming beauty market”
How do we manage these new challenges and create best seller products?
How do we transform beauty products into fashion accessories?
How do we integrate the digital dimension in the marketing mix?
Conference by Katia de Martino, General Manager of from Essentia Beauty.

MakeUp in Shanghai
2018 April 11 & 12
Shanghai Exhibition Center