Introducing the Color Wave By Beautystreams

Only two weeks and a half before MakeUp in Shanghai kick-off! With the opening of the tradeshow will come the unveiling of the joint initiative by MakeUp in and Beautystreams: The Color Wave! Beautystreams is a global beauty industry reference. The company helps product development and marketing teams stay ahead with specialized beauty color predictions, product forecasts, and consumer insights.

In a quickly evolving market like China, color is a key means of communication and differentiation. The COLOR WAVE by BEAUTYSTREAMS evaluates the latest movements in color, mapping out trends not-to-miss to define the key make-up color direction for China in 2019. Here are some more details about this new initiative by Anne-Catherine Auvray, BEAUTYSTREAMS Editorial Director who will present this fascinating conference on Wednesday April 11th from 1:00pm to 1:45pm.

MakeUp in…™: What is the concept behind the COLOR WAVE BY BEAUTYSTREAMS?

Ms. Auvray: There’s always been a strong market for skin care in Asia. More recently, the color cosmetics category has been gaining ground, especially with Millennial consumers. This gives rise to the importance of anticipating and defining the right color trends. With so much information available these days, it’s hard to discern which main color direction to take. So together with MakeUp in … we wanted to showcase one prevalent color statement forecasted a year ahead, which in timing would be close enough for accuracy and while still allowing lead time to manufacturers. So, the COLOR WAVE BY BEAUTYSTREAMS concept was born out of that need.

MakeUp in…™: As the project will be presented in different cities where MakeUp in. take place – Shanghai, Seoul, Paris, and New York – how will the main color direction be translated for each region?

Ms. Auvray: Starting from that main color direction predicted for 2019, we adjusted the palette direction according to local taste, nuances of skin tones, cultural implications, and current trends in the area. In this way, the COLOR WAVE is always specifically tailored to each region. It’s a unique approach to color forecast, which BEAUTYSTREAMS spearheaded. For years, we have worked with many top beauty brands and corporations to translate their palettes to new markets they want to enter worldwide.

MakeUp in…™: Why do you think color cosmetics is getting more popular in China? How do you see the color cosmetics industry evolving in China?

Ms. Auvray: Young girls are not allowed to wear make-up in schools, and in most offices in China, make-up is often kept simple and discreet. However, outside work and school, young women constantly connected to their mobile devices, are interacting with an endless stream of information on WeChat. They see the latest trends and now with the growing middle class, they can afford to have it.
In China, while consumers still value Western brands, iconoclastic Chinese brands like Marie Dalgar are also highly successful. The brand pushes strong color messages – such as their 2016 limited edition “Power Pink” lipstick collection in collaboration with BEAUTYSTREAMS, encouraging young Chinese women to dare to use strong cosmetic colors and express themselves creatively. In the next few years, we expect to see many more local brands emerging to cater to China’s quickly increasing penchant for color cosmetics.