Skinimalism: The Beauty Trend Continues To Grow In 2021

A growing trend to watch closely in 2021 according to Pinterest is Skinimalism. Indeed for the social media platform, it is the go-to trend for all beauty lovers, taking the concept of less is more to another level.

For years, we have seen a tendency to use a lot of products in skin care and even having seven-step or ten-step skin care routines to get better results. But consumers are now looking for a simpler way to care for their skin and opt for fewer steps.

On the makeup side, the trend of piling on makeup which has been going around for years seem to be coming to an end too. Contouring, baking, and layering makeup are slowly being replaced by simpler, less heavy looks.

So what is Skinimalism ?

Picture : @nomcake.araya

As you have surely figured out, it comes from two words contraction : skin and minimalism. Minimalism is not restricted to lifestyle any longer; makeup and skin care routines can also be minimalistic. Simply put, skinimalism is a minimalistic approach towards beauty routines. It is about sticking to the basics and not having a long and tiring skin care or makeup routine. This trend aims to get better results without spending too much time and money.

Skinimalism has been quite popular in the last four years but its fame reached full potential in 2020. It might have something to do with the pandemic situation as people have become more comfortable with who they are while living in quarantine.

Skinimalism is a movement aiming to disrupt beauty standards. It encourages people to be comfortable in their own skin. Presenting the real and unfiltered version of themselves to the world and not covering up and hiding their flaws. Skinimalism focuses on what you actually need. As a skinimalist, you use only the necessary products also resulting in less packaging waste. So, it is environmental-friendly.

Skinimalism and consumer’s behavior ?

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Consumers interested in Skinimalism share the following traits :
• They know their skin concerns
Using less products imply selecting the right ones for your skin. As a result, consumers are becoming ‘skin experts’ in their own rights. They know a lot and constantly learn about ingredients, textures, product associations and so on. They are accepting that is perfectly normal to have skin texture, pores, and freckles and embrace their skin. They also learn to differentiate between normal skin imperfection and actual skin concerns to properly address them.
• They are more conscious of their purchases
Although, it may not be easy to resist the urge to buy something shiny and new, consumers are now really taking their needs into consideration before buying. A product must add real value to the skin care or makeup routines and benefits can sometimes be found in using products with several key ingredients (instead of just one) to increase efficiency. Consumers also want less but better products, multitasking & multi-zoning (from hair to toe).

Picture : @glowyamelie

• They trust in staple products
Skinimalism is all about owning a basic skin care routine that ensures better results at a reasonable price. This minimalistic skin care regime consists of a few must-have products such as :
– cleanser : crucial in our current situation, consumers need to feel they are cleansed and rid of pollution and outside bacteria now more than even.
– moisturizer : an essential step to make sure minimum hydration and care.
– sunscreen : it is now known that U.V rays from the sun, even in winter, can cause many skin concerns and its use has become a preventive action step adopted by many.
– serum : used according to skin concern to give additional treatment when needed.

Skinimalism continues to be popular for a few reasons. First, in times of economic recession people try to simplify their consumption habits and buying less products can help save money for those with small budgets. Second, the reduction in packaging waste and the eco-friendly trait of Skinimalism play a big part in its continued fame. And lastly, consumers have learnt that good results in skin care as much as in makeup are not proportional to the number of products used. Especially since the notion of good results is evolving too. Accepting skin imperfections and being ok with showing them to the world is at the core of this movement.

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