The year of the EYES – A trend story by MakeUp in partner

We now all have to wear a mask when going out and it might be a while before we go back to how things were. So having half of our face covered up has become our new normal and, as we tend to do, we have adapted. Far from renouncing to wear makeup, women are now focusing on what is most visible, the eye area. Social media, let it be on Instagram or TikTok, are full of viral videos and tutorials of women with colorful eyeshadows, incredible lashes or healthy looking brows. Here are a few trends that stand out:

BOLD & COLORFUL – photo @donni.davy

Inspired by HBO’s tv show Euphoria, the wildly creative #euphoriamakeup movement from fans around the world is all about glitter and shimmer eye makeup looks and it can be found all over social media. The trend became instantaneously popular when the series first aired in summer 2019. The show’s graphic eye makeup and face jewels served as the inspiration for many designers during the spring 2020 season, with models sporting rhinestones, graphic eyeliner and neon colors on the runway.

While each character had their own distinct beauty look, the makeup of Maddy Perez — a role played by 25-year-old actress Alexa Demie — was one of the most influential, with Instagram fan pages popping up to pay homage to the character’s use of bright colors, gemstones and glitter. The second season will be launched in 2022 and with it new looks that will surely inspire many beauty lovers. In the meantime, the makeup artist of Euphoria herself, Doniella Davy, has released a limited-edition sticker collection called Head in the Clouds.

LASHES FOR DAYS – photo @glowy_juliet

The focus in 2021 will definitely be on mascara. We see a lot of attention for extra-long lashes, with viral products offering lengthening and boosting formulas while adding volume too. New formulas are especially popular for adding length to natural lashes, which is perfect for a time when lash extensions or lifts are less accessible. Colored mascaras also offer a fun alternative for a more striking look.

If women are looking to enhance the length of their lashes, they also wish to have healthier products. Indeed a classic mascara contains parabens, carbon black (a dark powder used as a pigment that’s made from coal tar and contains heavy metals), as well as synthetic colors and dyes.

These ingredients are being replaced by cleaner alternatives. And while the clean mascara category might be relatively new, it has evolved in the last few years, with options for whatever look you’re going for, whether it’s subtle everyday lashes or dramatic length and volume.

HIGHER BROWS – photo @phoebedynevor

Since 2019, a major brow trend has been full and high brows with hairs pointing upward. It started with brow lamination, a method that was first done in beauty salons. It is a two-step eyebrow perming treatment that involved correcting the brow shape by setting the hairs in place using a chemical solution. Then came, the soap brow method, a more DIY treatment which became viral on TikTok. All you have to do is take a clean mascara wand, coat it in soap, and brush your brows in the direction you want them to go.

In 2021, the shape desired is still similar and brands have come-up with products to do at-home lamination or to fix hairs in place but better than with soap. Eyebrow makeup, such as pencil or powder, will be less heavily used as we see a desire for a less defined eyebrow and a more natural look in that area.

The creativity showcased by beauty lovers around the world to create makeup looks that can be worn with the masks is quite impressive. Far from being depressed and forsaking makeup use, they have adopted fun and joyful looks, almost as a way to counter the gloomy events happening in the world.

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